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Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : November | Volume : 11 | Issue : 11
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Speciality : ANATOMY (5)

Prevalence of Coracoclavicular Joint in Northern India: Radiological Evidence AC01-AC04

Jyoti Chopra, Anita Rani, Prashant Kumar Bajpai, Punita Manik

Posterior Right Sectoral Duct Downstream of the Cystic Ductal Opening: A Rare Variant AD01-AD02

Zeineb Mzoughi, Houcem Fadhl, Achref Djebbi, Ghofrane Talbi, Mohamed Taher Khalfallah

An Additional Visceral Impression on Spleen A Rare Anatomical Scenario AD03-AD04

Shweta Kumari, Prabhat Goel, Shikha Singh, Vandana Mehta, Rajesh Kumar Suri

Clinical Significance of Presence of Extensor Indicis Brevis Manus A Case Report AD05-AD06

N Esakkiammal, Renu Chauhan, Rakhee Sharma

Entrapment of Suprascapular Artery between Split Parts of Right Inferior Belly of Omohyoid Muscle - A Rare Case Report AD07-AD08

Naina Santosh Wakode, Manisha R Gaikwad, Santosh Laxman Wakode, E Tripati Patro