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Early Ahead of Print from JCDR
  • This service is provided to shorten the time between acceptance and publication. It will help in dissemination of knowledge more quickly. Online First section allows us to publish articles as soon as they have been edited, ahead of the formal Bimonthly publication.
  • The regular publication of the article occurs at bimonthly intervals. Authors if they wish can have the their article published as ONLINE- FIRST – within 1-2 weeks of its acceptance. This service as a paid service.
  • ONLINE FIRST is to provide the article to readers before the regular publication.
  • The charges for this service have been kept nominal at INR 3100 ( payment options Click Here)
  • If the author has availed any other paid service from the journal then this is a complementary service.
  • Online first is applicable only if the date of acceptance and date of formal publication are more than 2 weeks apart.
  • PDF version of the Manuscripts will be published within 1-2 weeks of acceptance and final proof reading of the manuscript.
  • The version that appears in Online First is the definitive article, edited to the JCDR's normal standards and will be available only as a PDF file. However, to fasten the process the formatting used may be of either styles ( used prior to 2011 or that used after 2011). It will devoid of HTML version and voice files.
  • At time of formal bimonthly publication fully formatted pdf files, HTML version and page numbers will be added.
  • Online First articles are identified by a unique number-the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). This will appear in each PDF together with the date of publication.For example:
    DOI: JCDR/2003/167-43-76 (published online 15 August 2008)
  • The doi will appear in every version of an article. It will appear in the footer of each page of the PDF together with the publication date. After formal publication it will appear on the first page together with the "How to Cite".
  • The Online First article is fully citable (see below for how to cite it).
    Ram K, Kartik M, Raju T. Cardiac Catheterization among children. DOI: JCDR/2003/167-43-76 (published online 15 August 2008)
  • The article can be read in pdf form by clicking on the tentative month of publication in the archives section of the journal website.<
  • If an Online First article meets the relevant criteria it will appear in the google searches and other search engines.
  • Interested Authors can notify the editor soon after acceptance of their interest in this service by writing email to
Last Updated : 30 May 2015
First Published : 5 Feb 2007