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Neonatal Database
Neonatal Database has two versions :
Neonatal Database MS-Access based :

It is a Not for Profit project of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Study (NICUS) group in NSW Australia and is led by Dr Ian Callander, a Neonatologist at Liverpool Hospital in Sydney. The project aims at providing a uniform platform for collection of data for babies in Neonatal Units across the world using DateTime methodology. It has been progressively implemented in New South Wales, Australia since the beginning of 2007 and now has 15 hospitals (10 NICU, 5 SCN) connected to a single server which allows collaboration during clinical management as well as in Quality Improvement. The Database is available for everyone. more detail...

Download access based software

The following hospitals are currently using access based software

  1. Liverpool Hospital (Australia)
  2. Royal North Shore Hospital (Australia)
  3. John Hunter Hospital (Australia)
  4. Royal Hospital for Women (Australia)
  5. Nepean Hospital (Australia)
  6. Westmead Hospital (Australia)
  7. Children's Hospital Westmead (Australia)
  8. Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) (Australia)
  9. Sydney Children's Hospital (Australia)
  10. The Canberra Hospital (Australia)
  11. Gosford Hospital (Australia)
  12. Blacktown Hospital (Australia)
  13. Cambeltown Hospital (Australia)
  14. Wollongong Hospital (Australia)
  15. St George Hospital (Australia)
  16. Fernandes Hospital, Hyderbad (India)
Neonatal Database Web based : New

With wider application it was realized that local windows related factors brought new issues which needed to be resolved case by case. Since some places software was running in Windows XP and at other in Windows 8. Providing support for such project was becoming increasingly difficult. In 2012 December a workshop was held in Hyderabad for this database and it was realized that it is impossible to take forward the project without making is browser based on website so that uniformity is maintained and support issues can be handled easily. The project to convert Original Visual Basic Code to and to make software web based was undertaken by Dr. Hemant Jain Supported by Journal of Clinical and Diagnositic Research. This was done with the understanding that this project will always remain on Not for Profit model. more detail...

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Last Updated : 5 Dec 2015
First Published : 5 Feb 2007