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Manuscript Assistance

The unique feature of JCDR is that it assists researchers/authors in presentation of their work. If author has undertaken original research or want to report an interesting case, they are invited to choose from the following options.

A. Authors Who Prepare Their Manuscript Themselves

The manuscript should be drafted by the researcher/author. The process of submission and peer review follows a standardised format. For further details click here.

B. Authors Who Need Help With Preparation Of Their Manuscript
Services for Original article or Case report:

If you have undertaken original research or have observed an unusual case, but are yet to write an article, we (JCDR) can assist you in the following way.

(Note: For authors who do not want assistance from JCDR to write article, please follow the link to author services.)

Step One

You need to write the draft outline (2000 words) of your article focusing on the aims, objectives, methods, results and provide a brief discussion. With reference to a Case report the draft outline should be about 500 words with pictures inserted, if necessary.

Your focus should be on the content and not on the style, drafting format, English nuances, elaborate references and/or introduction.

Include a few salient references in your draft outline which closely link to your study. If the methodology followed or the analysis done by you is not a standardised format please include appropriate supporting references.

Your draft outline should be submitted at JCDR PrePublishing Thereafter an email should be sent to requesting the uptake of service and quoting the manuscript number.

While submitting your draft outline please remember to:

  • Send the draft as a word document (.doc) file attachment
  • Statistical data in Excel worksheet (.exl) file attachment
  • Explanation of the coding of the data sheet as a Word document (.doc) file attachment.
  • The precise outcome variables you want us to study or analyse and how you would like the statistics to be done in a word document (.doc) attachment.
  • Send the references in the pdf format as an attachment (if available freely on the web, the link URL can be forwarded to us, typed at the end of the draft outline word document).
  • Send the Declaration of the authors signed and scanned as a pdf file attachment.

Step Two

  • After this JCDR services will do the statistical work if needed. Correspondence will be maintained with the author to understand better the needs of author as to how they want the statistics to be done. After completion JCDR will send you the results. You can then write your analysis and send us the draft outline with results and discussion.
  • The editorial board will screen the draft and inform the author whether the draft is likely to go ahead for peer review. If the editorial board feels that the draft lacks the minimum information required or is not acceptable for publication the author will be informed via email. If accepted, it will be sent out for peer review.
  • We believe that the peer review process can be started at this stage as this helps to cut down on the time required for actual publication and helps the authors to write their discussion and conclusion better.

Step Three

The draft outline with the comments of the peer reviewers will be sent it back to you.

Step Four

You can then write the Final Content Draft and submit it or request JCDR to do it. This draft will be re-screened by the editorial board and based on the feed back of peer reviewers the editorial board will decide to finally accept or reject the article. The decision will be communicated to the corresponding author. If accepted, next step will follow.

Step Five

The final proof reading, fixing of bibliography and correction if necessary in grammar and spelling will be done by JCDR as per our standard requirement.

Step Six

After corrections the final daft will be published in the next available slot in JCDR.

To know the details for the same (charges, Timeline, Conditions, Payment Options, Policy on refund etc) , authors are requested to write to quoting their manuscript number. Charges are different for different type of manuscripts. And in case of improvement service vary with the amount of work required.

For Payment Options Click Here.

Services for Case report : Option two (Suitable for private practitioners)

Step One

If you have encountered an interesting case or feel you have hit upon something novel or rare, please share the same with us. You may either send an email mentioning your complete name and address or use your letter head to type it or write it legibly. (E-mail is definitely the preferred mode for quicker responses.)

Step Two

Our researchers we will undertake a literature search and inform the editorial board of the relevance of the observation, finding, or case based on the reports in the indexed medical literature. The editorial board will then use this information in addition to their experience and decide whether or not to publish the Case report.

Step Three

Based on the review of literature done JCDR will suggest a checklist of points that you will need to cover in the article.

Step Four

Writing the content: You can then write a crude draft of the article. In this manner you can communicate your visualization of the new finding in the light of information that is already present. However, if you are very busy, then you may provide us with the information necessary. List according to the check points, your findings and send it to us. We will get a rough draft made by our researchers and send it for peer review.

Step Five

Our peer reviewers will provide meaningful comments and suggest improvements. The professionals involved in peer review process are outside the editorial board of JCDR and are blinded to the authors.

Step Six

Based on this, you can redraft the article. Alternatively, we can redraft your article if you have chosen the relevant option.

Step Seven

We will then insert the bibliography (based on the references accumulated by us and/or provided by you) and send the article to our English editors to work on the language and style.

Step Eight

Our English editors will draft the article according to the style of the journal.

Step Nine

The final daft will be published in the next available slot in JCDR.

To know the details for the same (charges, Timeline, Conditions, Payment Options, Policy on refund etc) , authors are requested to write to quoting their manuscript number. Charges are different for different type of manuscripts. And in case of improvement service vary with the amount of work required.

For Payment Options Click Here

Final Content Draft

This refers to the final draft which includes all components of the article with appropriate insertion of bibliography, figures and tables.

It may be however deficient in the following aspects :

  • Bibliography not formatted according to the desired style - only provided as a list.
  • The style of writing ordinary, requiring improvement in grammar or/and usage of mixed American and UK English.
  • The authors names, affiliations etc. provided, but not formatted in the standardised style required by the journal
  • Material for tables and legend provided, but not formatted according to standardised style required by the journal
Authorship Of The Articles For Which Authors Utilised Paid Services

Under all options the authors using the services will remain the first author and guarantor of the authenticity of the study.

JCDR will add the names of our researchers as one of the contributing author. This is a non financial incentive we offer to the members of our team.

We acknowledge and follow the EMWA guidelines for role of medical writers in peer review journals.( Click Here)

Stand alone Services

At time authors wish to have only a single service like English Editorial service, Statistical Service etc. They can write to JCDR editorial and such service can also be provided.

Important : Under no circumstances what so ever will JCDR accept to publish an article without merit and peer review.

Last Updated : 17 May 2015
First Published : 5 Feb 2007