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Case report
Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : November | Volume : 11 | Issue : 11 | Page : AD05 - AD06

Clinical Significance of Presence of Extensor Indicis Brevis Manus A Case Report AD05-AD06

N Esakkiammal, Renu Chauhan, Rakhee Sharma

Dr. N Esakkiammal,
Senior Demonstrator, Department of Anatomy, UCMS and GTB Hospital, Dilshad Garden-110095, Delhi, India.

Anatomical variations of additional muscles and tendons are commonly encountered in extensor aspect of the forearm and hand during surgeries and dissections. There are reports on different kinds of variations like, extra tendons, additional bellies, and abnormal attachments of the muscle. Surgeons should have the knowledge about these variations for muscle or tendon grafting and also to plan surgeries. While dissecting the extensor compartment of the forearm and dorsum of hand of an elderly female cadaver, an anomalous muscle belly was noticed on dorsum of hand bilaterally alongwith the main tendon of extensor indicis muscle. This additional belly of extensor indicis muscle was called Extensor Indicis Brevis Manus (EIBM). This muscle originated from the dorsal carpal ligament and joins the main tendon of extensor indicis muscle in both the hands. Awareness of existence of this kind of variation is important for clinicians and surgeons for a correct diagnosis and eventual surgery in patients presenting with a cyst on the dorsum of hand, to avoid accidental mishaps.