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Table of Contents - Year : 2016 | Month : July | Volume : 10 | Issue : 7
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Effect of Oral Pregabalin as Preemptive Analgesic in Patients Undergoing Lower Limb Orthopedic Surgeries under Spinal Anaesthesia UC01-UC04

Bon Sebastian, Anand Tippanna Talikoti, Kiran Nelamangala, Dinesh Krishnamurthy

Comparsion of Intravenous Lignocaine, Tramadol and Keterolac for Attenuation of Propofol Injection Pain UC05-UC08

Harprit Kaur Madan, Rajinder Singh, Gurdip Singh Sodhi

The Effects of Diclofenac Suppository and Intravenous Acetaminophen and their Combination on the Severity of Postoperative Pain in Patients Undergoing Spinal Anaesthesia During Cesarean Section UC09-UC12

Fozieh Bakhsha, Alireza Seyedi Niaki, Seyed Yaghoub Jafari, Zahra yousefi, Mohammad Aryaie

Analgesic Efficacy of Ultrasound Guided FICB in Patients with Hip Fracture UC13-UC16

Devender Kumar, Sarla Hooda, Shashi Kiran, Jyoti Devi

Tracheobronchial Injury caused by Blunt Trauma: Case Report and Review of Literature UD01-UD03

Vandana Pandey, Dharam S Meena, Swati Choraria, Sushil Guria