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Table of Contents - Year : 2016 | Month : September | Volume : 10 | Issue : 9
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Speciality : RADIOLOGY (9)

Dynamic Hip Screw with Trochanteric Stablization Plate Fixation of Unstable Inter-Trochanteric Fractures: A Prospective Study of Functional and Radiological Outcomes RC06-RC08

Ashwin Shetty, Arjun Ballal, Anand Kumar Sadasivan, Anoop Hegde

Diagnostic Accuracy of B-mode USG and Doppler Scan for Ovarian Lesions TC01-TC04

Mamta Goyal, Vinish Kumar Agarwal

The Role of MR Mammography in Differentiating Benign from Malignant in Suspicious Breast Masses TC05-TC08

Padhmini Balasubramanian, Vijaya Karthikeyan Murugesan, Vinoth Boopathy

Bilateral Renal Lymphangiectasia TD01-TD02

Vaidehi K Pandya, Maulin K Shah, Shruti P Gandhi, Himanshu V Patel

Exostosis Bursata Multimodality Imaging Approach TD03-TD04

Asik Ali Mohamed Ali, Praveen Sharma, Rujuta Rege, Cr Seena, Saveetha Rajesh

Osteochondroma Complicated by a Popliteal Vein Aneurysm- A Rare Case Report TD05-TD06

Sonali Sethi, Meenakshi Prakash, Anil Dhal, Sunil Kumar Puri

Ureteral Reflux into an Ectopic Upper Moeity of a Duplex Kidney from the Bladder Neck with Distal Ureteral Pseudodiverticulum Formation TD07-TD09

Denver Steven Pinto, Tom George, Deepali Saxena, Thara Joseph, V Ravi Hoisala

Imaging Findings in Dysgerminoma in a Case of 46 XY, Complete Gonadal Dysgenesis (Swyer syndrome) TD10-TD12

Pratiksha Yadav, Sanjay Khaladkar, Aditi Gujrati

Portal Vein Thrombosis and Arterioportal Fistula in Post Liver Transplant Recipient: A Case Report TD13-TD15

Shruti P. Gandhi, Kajal Patel, Vaibhav Sutariya, Pranjal Modi