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Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : May | Volume : 11 | Issue : 5
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A Comparative Study on Clinical and Biochemical Parameters in Amlodipine and Cilnidipine Treated Hypertensive Patients FC01-FC05

Kiran Shetty, Ranjan Shetty, Lakshminarayana Bairy, Pragna Rao, Amruth Kiran, Manjunath Shetty, Deepak, Vidya Nayak

Restricted Parenteral Antibiotics Usage Policy in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in India FC06-FC09

Smita Anand Tiwari, Balasheb Baburao Ghongane, Bharti Ramchandra Daswani, Sangeeta Sanjay Dabhade

Comparison of Antiemetic Effectiveness of Palonosetron Versus Ondansetron in Patients on Cancer Chemotherapy: A Prospective Observational Study in South Indians FC10-FC14

Abdul Aslam Parathoduvil, Asha Sisupapalan, Padanayil Lekshmikutty Rema

Effect of Single Dose Betamethasone Administration in Pregnancy on Maternal and Newborn Parameters FC15-FC18

Komal Gaur, Barna Ganguly

Anti-Atherosclerotic Potential of Aqueous Extract of Cinnamomum zeylanicum Bark against Glucocorticoid Induced Atherosclerosis in Wistar Rats FC19-FC23

IM Nagendra Nayak, Rajasekhar Chinta, Raghu Jetti

A Prospective Study of Adverse Drug Reactions in Patients with Bipolar Disorder in Psychiatry Outpatient Department of a Tertiary Care Hospital FC24-FC28

Aashal Shah, Preeti P. Yadav, Mayayur Chaudhari, Ankit Vataliyaya, N. D. Kantharia, Ritam bhara Mehta

A Post-Marketing Surveillance Study to Evaluate Performance of the EXIMO™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System FC29-FC32

Sonia R. Chandnani, C. D. Ramakrishna, Bhargav A. Dave, Pankaj S. Kothavade, Ashok S. Thakkar

Hypolipidaemic Effects of Gymnema sylvestre on High Fat Diet Induced Dyslipidaemia in Wistar Rats FF01-FF05

Dheeraj Kumar Singh, Narendra Kumar, Anjula Sachan, Preet Lakhani, Sachin Tutu, Rajendra Nath, Amod Kumar Sachan, Rakesh Kumar Dixit