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Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : October | Volume : 11 | Issue : 10
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Clinical Profile of Tubercular Empyema with Special Reference to Diagnostic Role of Cartridge Based Nucleic Acid Amplification test (CBNAAT) OC01-OC05

Subhasis Mukherjee, Shabana Begum, Somenath Kundu, Subhra Mitra

Nutritional Intake in Low Body Mass Index (BMI) Males with Type 1 Diabetes and Fibrocalcific Pancreatic Diabetes: What are the Unmet Needs? A Cross-Sectional Study from a South Indian Tertiary Care Hospital OC06-OC09

Mini Joseph, Riddhi Dasgupta, Roshna Ramachandran, Shajith Anoop, Vijilakshmi Anand, Nithya Devanithi, Hesarghatta Shyamsundar Asha, Nihal Thomas

Evaluation of Prevalence and Causes of Acute Kidney Injury and its Effect on Short Time Mortality in Intensive Care Unit Patients OC10-OC12

Ali Momeni, Fereidun Khaje Ali, Bahareh Behvandi, Foruzan Ganji

Meningococcal Carriage among College Freshmen in Kashmir, North India- A Single Centre Study OC13-OC17

Nargis K Bali, Hyder Mir, Vaqar G Tantray, Saima Ali, Daleep K Kakru, Parvaiz A Koul

Subclinical Anal Sphincter Injuries Following Instrumental Delivery–A Physiological Analysis: A Pilot Study OC18-OC20

Girisha Balaraju, Shiran Shetty, Chandana Seetharama Bhat, Cannanore Ganesh Pai, Deeksha Pandey

Idiopathic Systemic Capillary Leak Syndrome: A Diagnostic Challenge and Its Management OD01-OD02

Janak Tarun Bahirwani, Raja Naga Mahesh Maddala, Weena Stanley, Mukhyaprana Prabhu

Unilateral Foot Drop: An Unusual Presentation of a more Common Disease OD03-OD05

Rameshwar Nath Chaurasia, Abhishek Pathak, Vijay Nath Mishra, Deepika Joshi

Primary Multidrug-Resistant Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis Presenting as Empyema Necessitans in an Immuno-competent Young Girl OD06-OD08

Jyoti Bajpai, Surya Kant, Ajay Kumar Verma

Interesting Cystic Lesions of Pancreas in Septuagenarians OD09-OD11

Biggs Saravanan Ramachandran, Maria Jacob