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Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : December | Volume : 11 | Issue : 12
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Assessment of Marginal Integrity of Proximal Composite Resin Restorations Performed with or without Magnification ZC01-ZC04

Pallavi Reddy, Vallari Jain, Mamta Kaushik, Roshni, Neha Mehra, Ritu Rana, Mona Yadav

Influence of Storage Time and Cementation Strategies on Push-Out Bond Strength of Fiber Posts to Root Dentin ZC05-ZC08

Ravi Chandra Ravi, Jyothi Mandava, Uma Chalasani, Roopesh Borugadda, Mohan Rao Boddeda, Md Ghazanfaruddin

Caries Detection with ICDAS and the WHO Criteria: A Comparitive Study ZC09-ZC12

Raveen Haricharan Bhoopathi, Pavan Uday Patil, B Vinayak Kamath, Deepika Gopal, Sai Kumar, Ganesh Kulkarni

Volumetric Analysis of the Jaws in Skeletal Class I and Class II Patients using CBCT and Derived Lateral Cephalograms ZC13-ZC18

Batol Darjazini Nahas, Mohammad Y Hajeer, Mowaffak A Ajaj, Aghiad Yassin Alsabbagh

Effect of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation versus Home Exercise Programme in Management of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder ZC19-ZC22

Santosh R Patil, Kaladhar R Aileni

Assessment of Cytotoxicity of Titanium Tetrafluoride on Human Fibroblast Cell Line and Optimisation of Operational Conditions using Response Surface Methodology ZC23-ZC26

Tahereh Eskandarian, Mohammad Hossein Morowvat, Mahsa Zare

Merits of Oil Pulling Therapy in the Management of Xerostomia and Stomatopyrosis in Burning Mouth Syndrome ZC27-ZC29

Achint Garg, Aakriti Bhatnagar, Srishti Tayal, Uday Pratap Singh

Unilateral Connation of Primary Mandibular Lateral Incisor and Canine Associated with Missing Succedaneous Teeth: Report of a Rare Case in Siblings ZD01-ZD03

Umapathy Thimmegowda, Pavana Mysore Parameshwara, Navin Hadadi Krishnamurthy, Naveena Preethi

Management of Chronic Blink Related Microtrauma in Stevens-Johnson Syndrome with Oral Mucous Membrane Graft Transplantation: A Novel Approach ZD04-ZD06

Rahul Nandkishor Laturiya, Syed Mohiuddin Ahmed, Priyanka Mallikarjun Tapsale,Vishnukant Vankatrao Ghonsikar, Ahtesham Qurishi Ahmed

Dentinal Defects in Endodontically Treated Teeth using NiTi Rotary vs Reciprocating Endodontic Instruments- A Systematic Review ZE01-ZE04

Gaurav Lal Aidasani, Sanjyot Mulay, Vini Paresh Mehta, Rahul Anand

Etidronate as A Weak Chelating Agent on Root Canal Dentin: An Update Review ZE05-ZE09

Samah Samir Bedir, Hossam Mossa, Ahmed Mohammed Hassan

Potency of Injectable Hydroxyapatite Chitosan Scaffold for Bone Regeneration ZF01-ZF03

Endang Winiati Bachtiar, Dewi Fatma Suniarti, Nadia Desti Fadhilah, Rahmi Ulfiana, Basril Abbas

Manifestation of Primary Syphilis in Two Extragenital Regions ZJ01-ZJ02

Joćo Paulo De Carli, Silas Antonio Juvencio De Freitas Filho, Luiz Renato Paranhos, Gisele Rovani, Mateus Ericson Flores

Focal Reactive Overgrowths: Case Series with Review of Literature ZR01-ZR04

Sagar J Shah, Uma Vasant Datar, Pooja Pharne, Sampada Shriram Kanitkar, Mamata Kamat