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Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : August | Volume : 11 | Issue : 8
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Evaluation of Serum Zinc and Antioxidant Vitamins in Adolescent Homozygous Sickle Cell Patients in Wardha, District of Central India BC01-BC03

Rina Raibhan Wasnik, Nilkanth Ramji Akarte

Prevalence of Iron Deficiency and Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Adolescent Girls in a Tertiary Care Hospital BC04-BC06

Rekha Kumari, Raushan Kumar Bharti, Kalpana Singh, Archana Sinha, Sudhir Kumar, Anand Saran, Uday Kumar

Variations of Adipokines and Insulin Resistance in Primary Hypothyroidism BC07-BC09

Kaushik Kar, Satwika Sinha

Citral, A Monoterpene Protect Against High Glucose Induced Oxidative Injury in HepG2 Cell In Vitro-An Experimental Study BC10-BC15

Sri Devi Subramaniyan, Ashok kumar Natarajan

Pre-analytical Errors at the Chemical Pathology Laboratory of a Teaching Hospital BC16-BC18

Marlene A Tapper, James C Pethick, Lowell L Dilworth, Donovan A McGrowder

Hypertension, C Reactive Protein and Metabolic Profile: What is the Scenario in Patients Undergoing Arteriography? BC19-BC23

Ricardo Jose Tofano, Sandra Maria Barbalho, Marcelo Dib Bechara, Karina Quesada, Claudemir Gregorio Mendes, Marie Oshiiwa

Oxidative Stress Markers in Tuberculosis and HIV/TB Co-Infection BC24-BC28

Shreewardhan Haribhau Rajopadhye, Sandeepan R. Mukherjee, Abhay S. Chowdhary, Sucheta P. Dandekar

Study of Red Cell Fragility in Different Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease in Relation to Parathyroid Hormone BC29-BC32

Suchismita Panda, Anuva Mishra, Manoranjan Jena, Sashi Bhusan Rout, Srikrushna Mohapatra

Natural Killer Cells - Their Role in Tumour Immunosurveillance BE01-BE05

Preeti Sharma, Pradeep Kumar, Rachna Sharma