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Table of Contents - Year : 2016 | Month : February | Volume : 10 | Issue : 2
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Speciality : BIOCHEMISTRY (8)

Comparative Study of 5’-Nucleotidase Test in Various Liver Diseases BC01-BC03

Mohd Azam Hyder, Marghoob Hasan, Abdelmarouf Mohieldein

Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxidant Status in Patients with Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma: A Case-Control Study BC04-BC07

Seyed-Mostafa Hosseini-Zijoud, Seyed Alireza Ebadi, Mohammad Taghi Goodarzi, Mehdi Hedayati, Roghayeh Abbasalipourkabir, Mohammad Parsa Mahjoob, Jalal Poorolajal, Fabio Zicker, Nasrin Sheikh

Correlation of Oxidative Damage with Pro-Inflammatory Markers (IL-6, TNF-a) in Meningocele BC08-BC10

Bedabrata Mukhopadhyay, Roshni Gavel, Ajay N. Gongopadhyay, Pooja Vashistha, Anjali Rani, Surendra Pratap Mishra

Insulin-Like Growth Factor I Receptor (IGF-IR) Ligands and BMI in Squamous Intra-Epithelial Lesion (SIL) of Cervix BC11-BC15

Praveen Sablania, Swaraj Batra, Alpana Saxena

Alcohol Used as Disinfectant before Venipuncture does not Lead to Sample Haemolysis or Sample Dilution BC16-BC18

Devajit Sarmah, Booloo Sharma, Dilutpal Sharma, Sheeja Mathew

Chemotherapy: Impact on Anti-Müllerian Hormone Levels in Breast Carcinoma BC19-BC21

Jyoti Bala, Shashi Seth, Rakesh Dhankhar, Veena Singh Ghalaut

Haematopoietic, Antioxidant and Membrane Stabilizing Property of Diallyl Disulphide in Irradiated Mice BF01-BF05

Yogish Somayaji Tenkanidiyoor, Vidya Vasudeva, Shama Rao, Damodara Gowda, Chandrika Rao, Ganesh Sanjeev, Suchetha Kumari Nalilu

Awareness about Research Ethics among General Practitioners not Attached with Research Institutions BL01-

Subramanian Kavitha, Govindarajan Sumitra, Durairaj Vijaya, Marudachalam Kavitha, Subramanian Bhuvaneshwari