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Case report
Year : 2018 | Month : August | Volume : 12 | Issue : 8 | Page : AD03 - AD04

Two Trunked Brachial Plexus: Multiple Variations in Formation, Course and Distribution

Pooja Singh, Manisha B. Sinha

1. Senior Resident, Department of Anatomy, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India. 2. Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India.

Correspondence Address :
Dr. Pooja Singh
Flat No. 128, Kalpkriti Parisar, Awadhpuri, Risali, Bhilai, Diatrict- Durg, Chhattisgarh - 490006, India.


Brachial plexus is a very complicated nerve network of upper limb. Many anatomical variations have been documented regarding its formation, course and distribution. Understanding of variations in brachial plexus is very important for clinicians, especially during surgical approach of axilla and neck region. Multiple variations in the left brachial plexus of about 70-year-old male cadaver, during routine dissection classes of upper extremities was noted in this variation of brachial plexus in which the middle trunk was absent. Other associated anomalies of same plexus were- all the three cords and their branches lie lateral to the axillary artery. Coracobrachialis was supplied by more than one branch of lateral cord. A loop was formed by joining of medial as well as lateral pectoral nerve around superior thoracic artery and there was also a connection present between lateral and medial root of median nerve. Therefore, the purpose of this paper was to unfold the complexity of brachial plexus. These changes may or may not affect the functioning of upper extremity of this person, but the knowledge of these variations are necessary during the surgical procedures as well as to evaluate unexplained sensory or motor loss after trauma. It also helps the clinicians for proper understanding of some previously unexplained clinical symptoms.


Axillary Artery, Brachial Plexus, Coracobrachialis, Median Nerve, Single Cord, Superior Thoracic Artery

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Pooja Singh, Manisha B. Sinha. TWO TRUNKED BRACHIAL PLEXUS: MULTIPLE VARIATIONS IN FORMATION, COURSE AND DISTRIBUTION. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research [serial online] 2018 August [cited: 2018 Jul 18 ]; 12:AD03-AD04. Available from

DOI and Others

DOI: 10.7860/JCDR/2018/34622.11908

Date of Submission: Oct 31, 2017
Date of Peer Review: Feb 09, 2018
Date of Acceptance: Jun 08, 2018
Date of Publishing: Aug 01, 2018


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