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Table of Contents - Year : 2018 | Month : July | Volume : 12 | Issue : 7
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Effects of Postnatal Home-Based Education on Primiparous Women’s Perceived Self-Efficacy in Neonatal Care QC01-QC04

Maryamkoochakzai, Alimansouri, Amenehsafarzadeh, Alinavidian

Prevalence of Urinary Incontinence among Females with Vaginal Delivery, Lower Segmental Cesarean Section, Diabetic and Hypothyroidism and Its Impact on Quality of Life QC05-QC08

V Rajalaxmi, P Sutharsika, C.V Senthilnathan, G Yuvarani, SS Subramanian

Sexually Transmitted Infections and Adverse Birth and Infant Outcomes among Pregnant Women in Rural Southern India QC09-QC12

Noah Kojima, Nandita Sharma, Kavitha Ravi, Anjali Arun, Claire C Bristow, Sunil Sethi, Jeffrey D Klausner, Purnima Madhivanan

An Observational Study to Evaluate the Changes in Bone Mineral Density of Women with Aging in a Tertiary Care Centre QC13-QC15

Mriganka Mouli Saha, Subikas Biswas, Banasree Bhadra

The Spectrum of Heart Disease in Pregnancy and its Outcome in Patients Visiting a Tertiary Care Centre of Northeastern: A Prospective Study QC16-QC20

Dina Aisha Khan, Nalini Sharma, Manish Kapoor, Sourabh Gohain Duwarah, Santa Singh Ahanthem

Subarachnoid Haemorrhage Following Spinal Anaesthesia in Pregnant Women: A Rare Occurrence QD01-QD02

Vineet V Mishra, Sunita Lamba, Kavita Mistry, Ruchika Verneker

A Perplexing Case of Cellular Leiomyoma with Excessive Myxoid Degeneration QD03-QD05

Monika Anant, Kajal Sinha, Khusboo, Puna M Bhadani

Uterine Rupture in an Unscarred Uterus in Second Trimester: A Case Report QD06-QD07

Dhwany M. Munshi, Manisha M. Laddad, Gauri R. Shinde

Childhood Onset Nephrotic Syndrome-A Journey Through Two Pregnancies QD08-QD09

Shashikala K Bhat, Shashikiran Umakanth, Krupa Shah, Ashwini AP, Ravindra Prabhu

Unexpected Uterine Rupture: A Case Series and Review of Literature QR01-QR03

Sunita Dubey, Jyotsna Rani, Mohit Satodiya