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Case report
Table of Contents - Year : 2018 | Month : May | Volume : 12 | Issue : 5 | Page : OD03 - OD04

Antiphospholipid Syndrome Associated with Lung Embolism: A Case Report OD03-OD04

Mohammed Alaidarous

Dr. Mohammed Alaidarous,
Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Majmaah Universtiy,
Al-Majmaah, PO-Box 66, Zipcode-11952, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) is an autoimmune disease, where the immune system antibodies damage and attack the body’s own cells and tissues. Antibodies are proteins that protect the body against infections. Cells are damaged when these autoantibodies attack the phospholipids causing blood clots in the veins and arteries. An individual is diagnosed with APS if tested positive for autoantibodies and have a history of autoimmune diseases. Here, the case of a 33-year-old Saudi male is being reported, who was diagnosed with APS, treated with warfarin. The available knowledge about this disease and its relevance to the symptoms of the patient was also summerised.