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Table of Contents - Year : 2018 | Month : August | Volume : 12 | Issue : 8 | Page : OC11 - OC12

Assessment of Glycaemic Status of Physicians in a Diabetes Conference in India OC11-OC12

Prabhat Kumar Agrawal, Vivek Kumar Verma, Sudhir Kumar Yadav, Dheeraj Kela

Dr. Vivek Kumar Verma,
Lecturer, Department of General Medicine, U.P, University of Medical Sciences Saifai, Etawah-206130, Uttar Pradesh, India.
E-mail: vk.rims@

Introduction: Diabetes is taking the form of a pandemic. All ages and all sections of society are affected by it and physicians are no exception to it.

Aim: To know the glycaemic status and level of glycaemic control among the physicians who were attending a National Diabetes Conference.

Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted at a national conference “Diabetes India” held in Delhi in February 2017. Physicians and Endocrinologists were the delegates. All physicians willing for assessment of their Glycaemic status were included and HbA1C was done. Data was analysed and mean, percentage and p-value were calculated.

Results: Out of 108 physicians, 3 (2.78%) had impaired glucose tolerance, 54 (50%) had diabetes mellitus and 51 (47.22%) were euglycaemic. Out of 51 physicians, only 3 physicians (5.88%) had HbA1C less than or equal to 5.6, 9 (17.65%) had HbA1C more than 6.5, 39 (76.47%) had impaired glucose tolerance.

Conclusion: Very high incidence of diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance was found among physicians and endocrinologist in this study and the alarming result warrants further research with more participants.