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Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : September | Volume : 11 | Issue : 9 | Page : JC01 - JC05

Medical Education Terminologies: Do These Really Percolate to the Level of Medical Students? A Survey JC01-JC05

Arunita Jagzape, Tushar Jagzape, Swanand Pathak

Dr. Arunita Jagzape,
Quarter No. 302, Type 5A, AIIMS Residential Complex, Kabir Nagar, Raipur-492099, Chattisgarh, India.

Introduction: In Medical Education Technology, many terminologies are embodied in faculty training programs; used by teachers in daily practice like learning objectives, curriculum, and domains, formative and summative assessments. The awareness and knowledge of students regarding these terminologies, is questionable.

Aim:To assess the awareness and knowledge of the students of all phases of MBBS - regarding terminologies in medical education.

Materials and Methods: The study was questionnaire based survey at a private medical college in rural setting. Participants were the students from first, second, third Part I and third part II MBBS. Sample size included 175, 161,150 and 162 participants of first, second, third Part I and third Part II MBBS respectively. The questionnaire included 10 closed and one open ended questions which included the themes in educational spiral like: learning objectives, teaching-learning and assessment. Statistical data analysis was done by using descriptive and inferential statistics (Chi-square test) and p<0.05 was considered as level of significance. Qualitative data was analysed using coding and categorization.

Results: Percentage of students participated for first, second, third Part I and third Part II MBBS were 87.5%, 80.09%, 93.16% and 90% respectively. The students were aware of some terms like learning objectives, its importance, curriculum; but knowledge component was missing. For some terms like cognitive, psychomotor, affective domain, simulation, formative, summative assessment; awareness as well as knowledge was missing. The methods suggested by students regarding the terminologies ranged from explanation of importance of these terms to its application.

Conclusion: Efforts should be made in the direction to increase the awareness and knowledge of the basic terminologies used in medical education technology.