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Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : August | Volume : 11 | Issue : 8 | Page : ZZ01 -

Correction: 2014 Aug:8(2): 12-14 ZZ01-

Joyashree Banerjee, Anindya Roy, Anilbaran Singhamahapatra, Pranab Kumar Dey, Achyut Ghosal, Anubrata Das, Association of Body Mass Index (BMI) with Lung Function Parameters in Non-asthmatics Identified by Spirometric Protocols. (Published in Journal of Cilinical and Diagnostic Research. 2014 Aug : 8(2)): 12-14.

A complaint was received with regard to plagiarism in the article entitled- “Association of body mass index with lung function parameters in non-asthmatics in Journal of clinical and Diagnostic Research 2014; 8 (2): 12-14, from another published source - West A, Burton D, Bell A. The Association of Body Mass Index with Airway Obstruction: Implications for the Inaccurate Differential Diagnosis of Asthma in Obesity. Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy, 47(2):11-22.

Following the COPE guidelines, the degree of text duplication was checked and, as a result, was marked as “clear plagiarism”, for which the corresponding author(s) were contacted. They were asked for the raw data and an explanation for the same. Corresponding Author (a junior researcher) provided the raw data and accepted their error and promised not to repeat the same. Based on this, the decision has been taken by the Editor to publish a correction. The Editorial team regrets the misinformation and inconvenience caused to the original authors and the readers."