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Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : August | Volume : 11 | Issue : 8 | Page : UC09 - UC12

Amelioration of Pain on Injection of Propofol: A Comparison of Pretreatment with Granisetron Vs Lignocaine UC09-UC12

Parvin Banu, Arunava Biswas, Syed Mohammed Naser,Sujata Ghosh, Kakoli Ghosh, Sangita Mandal

Dr. Arunava Biswas,
Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital,
32 Gorachand Road, Kolkata-700014, West Bengal, India.

Introduction: Pain during propofol injection is a very commonly and frequently encountered event during induction of anaesthesia. A 5HT3 antagonists like granisetron are commonly used just prior to intravenous propofol as pre anaesthetic medication to prevent emesis in patients.

Aim: Comparison of pre treatment with granisetron versus lignocaine with respect to amelioration of pain induced by injection of propofol,in patient admitted for elective surgery with general anaesthesia.

Materials and Methods: A randomized double blinded controlled study was conducted with patients divided into three groups with (n=30) in each group. Group I (the placebo group) received 2 ml of 0.9% normal saline, Group II received 2 ml of 1% lignocaine and Group III received 2 ml of granisetron (1 mg/ml) as pre treatment medication respectively. The patient’s complain regarding pain on intravenous propofol administration was recorded using the Verbal Rating Score. Pulse, BP, SpO2 were noted meticulously on three occasions–immediately after pre-treatment, injecting full dose of propofol (not for pain assessment) and after 10 minutes. The results were analysed using the null hypothesis and two sample t-tests.

Results: It was observed and obvious that the relief of pain was significant (p<0.05) when granisetron or lignocaine was compared with the placebo group. But there was insignificant difference (p>0.05) when granisetron was compared with lignocaine in terms of relieve of pain induced by propofol.

Conclusion: It was concluded that parenteral administration of granisetron can be considered to be superior to lignocaine as pre treatment medication for pain relief after propofol injection along with the advantage of its anti-emetic effect