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Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : August | Volume : 11 | Issue : 8 | Page : QC08 - QC12

Single Loading Low Dose MgSo4 Regimen: A Simple, Safe and Effective Alternative to Pritchard’s Regimen for Indian Women QC08-QC12

Tripti Nagaria, Subarna Mitra, Sashi Prabha Banjare

Dr. Subarna Mitra,
Jainam Planet, Block C, 302,Tatibandh, Raipur-492099, Chhattisgarh, India.

Introduction: Magnesium sulphate is the anticonvulsant of choice in prevention and control of eclamptic convulsions. Pritchard’s regimen is the most popular time-tested regimen used. However, owing to concerns of toxicity, several low dose regimens have been introduced considering the lower body mass index of Asian women.

Aim: To compare the efficacy and safety of a single loading low dose MgSo4 regimen with the Pritchard’s regimen.

Materials and Methods: Seventy cases of eclampsia and imminent eclampsia were allocated to the control and study groups each. The former received the Pritchard’s regimen while the latter was treated with single loading low dose of magnesium sulphate. Recurrent convulsion rates, maternal and perinatal outcomes of both regimens were evaluated and compared using unpaired t-test and Chi-square test for continuous and categorical variables, respectively.

Results: The mean serum magnesium levels were significantly lower in the study group at 30 minutes and 4 hours of initiation of therapy. The single loading low dose regimen was equally efficacious in prevention (96.6% vs 100%, p = 0.934) and control (97.6% vs 97.8%, p = 0.358) of eclamptic fits as compared to the Pritchard’s regimen. The feto-maternal outcomes were also comparable.

Conclusion: The single loading low dose MgSo4 regimen is an effective and safe alternative to the Pritchard’s regimen, especially tailored to the small built Indian women.