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Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : July | Volume : 11 | Issue : 7 | Page : QC10 - QC12

Evaluating the Efficacy of Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System and Danazol for Relief of Postoperative Pain in Endometriosis QC10-QC12

Ashima Taneja, Satatinder Kaur, R.K. Soni, Bhanupriya, Jaspreet Kaur, Laveen Singla

Dr, Ashima Taneja,
3-B1, Tagore Nagar, Ludhiana-141001, Punjab, India.

Introduction: Endometriosis is an oestrogen-dependent disorder, manifests during reproductive years and is associated with pain and infertility. There is considerable debate about the effectiveness of various interventions for pain relief.

Aim: To evaluate the efficacy of Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System (LNG-IUS) and Danazol in postoperative pain relief for patients with endometriosis.

Materials and Methods: Hundred patients with diagnosis of endometriosis, who were treated laparoscopically, entered the study to receive either danazol (600 mg once daily) or LNG-IUS (inserted during immediate post operative period) postsurgery, for pain relief. Patients were analysed for pain relief according to VAS score and recurrence of disease using ultrasonography at third and sixth months of follow up.

Results: There were 50% patients in stage IV of endometriosis. Majority of them presented with complaint of infertility (49%) and pelvic pain (43%). It was observed that LNG-IUS was significantly more effective in relieving pain compared to danazol (65.2% vs 38.0%, p<0.05). Recurrence rate was significantly lower in LNG-IUS users compared to other group.

Conclusion: LNG-IUS was found to be more effective in relieving pain compared to danazol.