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Case report
Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : July | Volume : 11 | Issue : 7 | Page : ED37 - ED38

A Rare Case of Genital Malformation with Omphalocele, Exstrophy of Bladder, Imperforate Anus and Spinal Defect Complex-Autopsy Findings ED37-ED38

K. Mamatha, B. R. Yelikar, Varsha R. Deshpande, B. S. Disha

Dr. K. Mamatha,
Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, BLDEU’s Shri B.M. Patil Medical College, Vijayapur, Karnataka, India.

Omphalocele, Exstrophy of cloaca, Imperforate anus, and Spinal defects (OEIS) is a severe manifestation of exstrophy-epispadias sequence with a combination of defects including OEIS. It results from improper closure of anterior abdominal wall and defective development of cloaca and urogenital septum due to defect in blastogenesis during the 4th week of gestation. Identification of this complex is important through foetal autopsy as this condition can recur in siblings. Prenatal diagnosis also helps to prevent foetal death with appropriate management in the less severe cases. In severe cases, termination of pregnancy is considered. A primigravida with 28 weeks of gestation had delivered a live baby with multiple congenital anomalies; baby died after 10 minutes. These anomalies were grouped under OEIS complex.