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Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : May | Volume : 11 | Issue : 5 | Page : ZH01 - ZH02

A Speedy Yet Simple Tip to Align Imbricated Anterior Teeth ZH01-ZH02

Bhuwan Saklecha, PAWANKUMAR DNYANDEO TEKALE , Shivprasad V Sonawane, Prat ratik Rajesh Shah, HARSHAL ASHOK PATIL

Dr. Pawankumar Dnyandeo Tekale,
Senior Lecturer, Department of Orthodontics, Dr Rajesh Ramdasji Kambe Dental College and Hospital, Akola, Maharashtra, India.

Correction of dental crowding can be achieved with several orthodontic procedures like extraction of teeth, proximal stripping etc. In contemporary orthodontic practice, resolution of incisor crowding is most commonly achieved by the use of canine lacebacks. This method takes time, requires frequent activations and taxes anchorage since it involves the “PULL” mechanics. In order to overcome these disadvantages, mostly the time factor, we devised a method of using open coil NiTi spring on 0.016” SS wire piggy backed on the 0.014” heat activated NiTi base arch wire ligated only at the canines. This method, resolved the incisor crowding in almost one third of the time taken with the use of canine lacebacks. Moreover, the result was more physiologic since light continuous force was applied with the spring and it essentially eliminated the anchorage loss since it involved “PUSH” mechanics.