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Case report
Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : May | Volume : 11 | Issue : 5 | Page : TD03 - TD05

Bilateral Testicular Metastases from Occult Primary Prostate Cancer in a Young Adult: A Rare Case Report TD03-TD05

Vijaya Rajesh Kamble, Purvrva Mahesh Agrawal

Dr. Purva Mahesh Agrawal,
Room No. F-2, 20 Vindyachal hostel, Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Digdoh Hills, Hingna Nagpur-440019, Maharashtra India.

Testicular metastases are detected incidentally in upto 4% cases after orchiectomy for Prostate Carcinoma (PCa). Most of the secondaries to testes are due to PCa, only few patients have clinically manifested metastases to bilateral testes. Metastases to bilateral testis is unusual while unilateral involvement of the testis is seen usually. We report a case of primary PCa with bilateral testicular metastases which presented with palpable mass in the right testis. A 43-year-old male patient presented with two-month history of swelling in right inguino-scrotal region. On digital rectal examination, the prostate was enlarged. The Serum Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) level was >100 ng/ml. Ultrasound (USG) revealed metastatic deposits in bilateral testis, however prostate was having relatively normal echo pattern. Contrast Enhanced Computed Tomography (CECT) abdomen revealed primary malignancy of prostate gland with secondary metastases in bilateral testes and metastatic lymph nodes. Transrectal biopsy from prostate and excisional biopsy of right inguinal node showed prostate gland adenocarcinoma and deposits of adenocarcinoma respectively. Patient underwent bilateral orchiectomy. Histopathology showed that bilateral testes were infiltrated by metastatic adenocarcinoma with Gleason score 8. The patient is currently on chemotherapy. This is a rare case of primary PCa with clinically manifested bilateral testicular metastases in the form of palpable mass in right testis.