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Case report
Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : May | Volume : 11 | Issue : 5 | Page : ED20 - ED21

Unusually Detected Anti-M Antibody Presenting as Cross Match Incompatibility in a Female Child Diagnosed with Small Round Cell Tumour ED20-ED21

Sheetal Anand Chandak, Aruna Vishwanath Vanikar

Dr. Sheetal Anand Chandak,
A 401, Sankalp Sandipani Opp Gandhi Ashram Near Chandan Khadi Bhandar Subhash Bridge,
Ahmedabad-300026, Gujarat, India.

MNS antigen system is one of the human blood group systems. Anti-M antibody is a relatively common, naturally occurring antibody of IgM variety. Clinically significant anti-M antibody is reactive at 37C in the anti-human globulin phase due to high thermal amplitude of IgM component or presence of IgG component. If anti-M antibody is activated at 37C or in the anti-human globulin phase, it may cause delayed haemolytic transfusion reactions or haemolytic disease of newborn, which suggest variable clinical significance. We report a case of an unusually detected anti-M antibody presenting as cross match incompatibility in a one-year-old female child with a lump in the right lumbar region, which was later diagnosed as small round cell tumour in the right kidney.