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Case report
Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : April | Volume : 11 | Issue : 4 | Page : ND03 - ND04

Cow Urine Keratopathy: A Case Report ND03-ND04

Sumeet Khanduja, Prachi Jain, Sumit Sachdeva, Jitender Phogat

Dr. Sumeet Khanduja,
Faculty, Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Pt. BD Sharma PGIMS, Rohtak-124001, Haryana, India.

Injury to the ocular surface has been described to occur with a wide variety of chemicals. In most cases the cause is industrial injury with acids or alkalis. We are reporting a case of ocular surface injury due to “Cow urine” which to the best of our knowledge is been reported for the first time. Cow urine is a well-accepted medicinal ingredient in ancient Indian medicine. However, wrong formulation and inadvertent prescriptions by quacks can lead to severe ocular surface injury and morbidity. Here, with this case report we have discussed the possible culprit and possible mechanism of ocular injury due to instillation of a concoction containing cow urine as an active ingredient and also discuss legal aspects of quackery in India.