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Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : February | Volume : 11 | Issue : 2 | Page : TC12 - TC14

Application of Curved MPR Algorithm to High Resolution 3 Dimensional T2 Weighted CISS Images for Virtual Uncoiling of Membranous Cochlea as an Aid for Cochlear Morphometry TC12-TC14

Joish Upendra Kumar, Y Kavitha

Dr. Joish Upendra Kumar,
Assistant Professor, Department of Radiodiagnosis, OPD Block, Bapuji Hospital, Davangere -577004,
Karnataka, India.

Introduction: With the use of various surgical techniques, types of implants, the preoperative assessment of cochlear dimensions is becoming increasingly relevant prior to cochlear implantation. High resolution CISS protocol MRI gives a better assessment of membranous cochlea, cochlear nerve, and membranous labyrinth. Curved Multiplanar (MPR) reconstruction algorithm provides better images that can be used for measuring dimensions of membranous cochlea.

Aim: To ascertain the value of curved multiplanar reconstruction algorithm in high resolution 3-Dimensional T2 Weighted Gradient Echo Constructive Interference Steady State (3D T2W GRE CISS) imaging for accurate morphometry of membranous cochlea.

Materials and Methods: Fourteen children underwent MRI for inner ear assessment. High resolution 3D T2W GRE CISS sequence was used to obtain images of cochlea. Curved MPR reconstruction algorithm was used to virtually uncoil the membranous cochlea on the volume images and cochlear measurements were done.

Result: Virtually uncoiled images of membranous cochlea of appropriate resolution were obtained from the volume data obtained from the high resolution 3D T2W GRE CISS images, after using curved MPR reconstruction algorithm mean membranous cochlear length in the children was 27.52 mm. Maximum apical turn diameter of membranous cochlea was 1.13 mm, mid turn diameter was 1.38 mm, basal turn diameter was 1.81 mm.

Conclusion: Curved MPR reconstruction algorithm applied to CISS protocol images facilitates in getting appropriate quality images of membranous cochlea for accurate measurements.