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Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : February | Volume : 11 | Issue : 2 | Page : CC01 - CC05

Anthropometric Basis of Vertical Jump Performance: A Study in Young Indian National Players CC01-CC05

Hanjabam Barun Sharma, Shalini Gandhi, Konthoujam Kosana Meitei, Jyoti Dvivedi, Sanjay Dvivedi

Dr. Hanjabam Barun Sharma,
Wangkhei-Khunou, Imphal-East-795001, Manipur, India.

Introduction: Vertical Jump (VJ) is a good measure of athletic performance and occupational activities. Earlier studies reported conflicting results on anthropometric influence.

Aim: To evaluate the relationship between anthropometric characteristics and VJ in national level hockey and cycling players.

Materials and Methods: Fifty four (32 males) national level hockey and cycling players of 11-21 years were the volunteers. Following standard protocols, these variables were measured: VJ, Weight (WT), Height (HT), Trochanterion-Height (TH), Sum of Skinfold Thickness (SSF), Lengths [Acromiale-Stylion (AS) and Midstylion-Dactylion (SD)], Breadths [Biacromial (AB), Biiliocristal (IB), Biepicondylar Humerus (HB) and Biepicondylar Femur (FB)], Girths [Relaxed Arm (AG), Mid Thigh (TG) and Calf (cg )], Lower Back and Hamstring Flexibility (sr ), Grip [Left Hand Grip (LHG) and Right Hand Grip (RHG)] and Back Strength (BS). International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK) procedures were followed for anthropometric variables measurement. Unpaired-t-test was used for comparison between genders. Pearsonís correlation and multiple regression analysis were used to evaluate correlates and predictors of VJ respectively.

Results: Males had significantly higher VJ, HT, SD, AB and BS; but lower SSF, AS and TG. VJ correlated positively with age, WT, HT, SD, TH, girths, SR and strength among males; but only with WT and LHG among females. After controlling gender, TH and LHG predicted VJ significantly with 69% of total variance. HT, SSF and BS; and LHG were the significant predictors among males and females respectively.

Conclusion: Anthropometric and physiological variables like TH, grip, HT, skinfold and BS had major influence on VJ. The result might help in training-monitoring and playerís selection.