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Table of Contents - Year : 2016 | Month : May | Volume : 10 | Issue : 5 | Page : IC05 - IC07

Effect of Triage Training on Concordance of Triage Level between Triage Nurses and Emergency Medical Technicians IC05-IC07

Nezar Ghanbarzehi, Abbas Balouchi, Sakineh Sabzevari, Fatemeh Darban, Nastaran Haydari Khayat

Dr. Sakineh Sabzvari,
PhD of Nursing Education, Nursing Department, Medical Education Development Center,
Kerman University of Medical Science, Kerman, Postal code: 9993139146, Iran.

Introduction: The transfer of care occurs frequently between emergency medical technicians and emergency ward nurses during which emergency medical technicians transfer the patients from the society to the hospital. This transfer of care often occurs under crowded conditions and in high acuity which would pave the way for a disruption of communication.

Aim: This study aimed to investigate the effect of training Emergency Severity Index (ESI) triage on concordance of triage level between emergency medical technicians and triage nurses.

Materials and Methods: This interventional study was conducted on all triage nurses and emergency medical technicians in Iranshahr City in winter of 2014. Five triage nurses and 30 emergency medical technicians were included into the study using census. To collect data, Personal Information Form (PIF) and ESI Triage Criterion were used. During the project implementation, patients were separately classified before and after triage training by emergency medical technicians and triage nurses. To analyse the data, kappa coefficient under SPSS 16 statistical software was used. R esults: According to the study results, Cohenís kappa concordance coefficient showed that triage concordance between emergency medical technicians and triage nurses before training was 0.20 which was at an unfavorable level. After training, Cohenís kappa concordance coefficient reached 0.62, which showed a desirable level of concordance as well as a significant difference after training.

Conclusion: It is recommended to train and use common triage system to facilitate transfer or delivery of care between emergency medical technicians and triage nurses.