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Short Communication
Table of Contents - Year : 2016 | Month : April | Volume : 10 | Issue : 4 | Page : OM01 - OM03

Effect of Gender on the Total Abdominal Fat, Intra-Abdominal Adipose Tissue and Abdominal Sub-Cutaneous Adipose Tissue among Indian Hypertensive Patients OM01-OM03

Jaya Prakash Sahoo, Savita Kumari, Sanjay Jain

Dr. Jaya Prakash Sahoo,
House No-28, Lane-B, VVP Nagar, Puducherry-605009, India.

Introduction: Abdominal obesity is a better marker of adverse metabolic profile than generalized obesity in hypertensive subjects. Further, gender has effect on adiposity and its distribution.

Aim: Effect of gender on obesity and the distribution of fat in different sub-compartments of abdomen among Indian hypertensive subjects.

Materials and Methods: This observational study included 278 adult subjects (Males-149 & Females-129) with essential hypertension from a tertiary care centre in north India over one year. A detailed history taking and physical examination including anthropometry were performed in all patients. Total Abdominal Fat (TAF) and abdominal adipose tissue sub-compartments like Intra-Abdominal Adipose Tissue (IAAT) and Sub-Cutaneous Adipose Tissue (SCAT) were measured using the predictive equations developed for Asian Indians.

Results: Female hypertensive subjects had higher Body Mass Index (BMI) with more overweight (BMI = 23kg/m2), and obesity (BMI= 25 kg/m2). Additionally, they had higher prevalence of central obesity based on both Waist Circumference (WC) criteria (WC= 90 cm in males and WC= 80 cm in females) and TAF criteria {=245.6 cm2 (males) and =203.46 cm2 (females)} than male patients. But there was no difference in the prevalence of central obesity based on Waist Hip Ratio (WHR) criteria (WHR =0.90 in males and WHR = 0.85 in females) between two genders. High TAF & IAAT were present in more females although there was no difference in the distribution of high SCAT between two genders.

Conclusion: Female hypertensive subjects were more obese with higher abnormal TAF & IAAT compared to male patients. However, there was no difference in the distribution of high SCAT among them.