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Table of Contents - Year : 2016 | Month : April | Volume : 10 | Issue : 4 | Page : BC01 - BC04

Association Between Serum B12 and Serum Homocysteine Levels in Diabetic Patients on Metformin BC01-BC04

Twinkal R. Upadhyay, Nitin Kothari, Hitesh Shah

Dr. Twinkal R. Upadhyay,
"Sanjay" Golden Park Main Road, Near Ravi-Ratna Park Society, Behind Raiya Telephone Exchange,
150 feet Ring Road, Rajkot-360005, Gujarat India.

Introduction: Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) and metformin both can lower serum B12 (s.B12). Raised serum Homocysteine (s.Hcy) is considered as an early marker of B12 deficiency.

Aim: The study aimed to check whether homocysteine levels are more sensitive indicator of s. B12 deficiency or not among diabetics using metformin.

Materials and Methods: Mean s.B12 and s.Hcy levels of 30 cases (diabetics on metformin <5years) were compared with 30 diabetic controls not on metformin and 31 nondiabetic controls and statistically analysed by ANOVA and post-hoc tests.

Results: No significant differences in either s.B12 mean or s.Hcy mean were found between cases and diabetic controls. s.B12 mean did not differ significantly but s.Hcy mean was significantly higher among nondiabetics as compared to diabetic control. s. B12 level of Nondiabetic group was in borderline category while mean s. B12 levels of cases and diabetic control groups was in normal category but nearer to the lower cut off. Mean s.Hcy values in all the groups were high. Pearson correlation showed strong association between s.B12 and s.Hcy in all the groups. Additionally equation based on linear regression was derived to calculate either of the s.B12 or s.Hcy. On Receiver Operative Characteristic (ROC) curve, area under curve value was 0.842 for the value of s.Hcy.

Conclusion: In this study neither metformin nor T2DM could be identified as a cause for s.B12 lowering and raised s.Hcy in the scenario of low normal levels of s.B12 (<300pmol/L). If B12 deficiency recognized early using s. Hcy, consequences due to B12 deficiency can be prevented or delayed among nondiabetics as well as among diabetics and metformin users.