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Case report
Table of Contents - Year : 2016 | Month : March | Volume : 10 | Issue : 3 | Page : YD01 - YD02

Limbus Vertebra Presenting with Inflammatory Low Back Pain: A Case Report YD01-YD02

Serpil Tuna, Tayfun özdemir, Hande Ece Öz

Dr. Serpil Tuna,
Faculty, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Medical Faculty, Akdeniz University, Turkey.

Limbus vertebra is a condition characterized by marginal interosseous herniation of the nucleus pulposus, and causes non specific symptoms like low back pain, back pain, muscle spasms and radiculopathy. It is frequently confused with vertebral fracture, infection, schmorl nodule or tumour because it has not a spesific symptom. It usually causes mechanical low back pain rather than inflammatory low back pain. We reported a patient presented with inflammatory low back pain and diagnosed with anterior limbus vertebra because it is rare and the patient has atypical clinical presentation.