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Case report
Table of Contents - Year : 2016 | Month : March | Volume : 10 | Issue : 3 | Page : AD01 - AD02

An Unusual Course and Termination of Small Saphenous Vein: A Case Report AD01-AD02

Prakashchandra Shetty, Melanie Rose DíSouza, Satheesha B. Nayak

Dr. Satheesha B. Nayak,
Professor, Department of Anatomy, Melaka Manipal Medical College (Manipal Campus),
Manipal University, Madav Nagar, Manipal, Karnataka-567104, India.

The superficial veins of the lower limb can vary in their course and termination. We report a relatively rare type of variation in the course and termination of small saphenous vein. The small saphenous vein had normal origin and course in the leg. However, instead of terminating into the popliteal vein, it continued up in the posterior compartment of the thigh and terminated into the femoral vein after piercing the fleshy part of the adductor magnus muscle. This course might lead to varicosity of the small saphenous vein due to the compression by the fleshy fibres of adductor magus near its termination. The case may be of interest to general and plastic surgeons and even cardiothoracic surgeons.