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Case report
Table of Contents - Year : 2016 | Month : January | Volume : 10 | Issue : 1 | Page : ZD20 - ZD22

Direct Sinus Lift and Immediate Implant Placement Using Piezosurgical Approach- A Case Report ZD20-ZD22

Sahana Purushotham, Arjun Machingal Raveendran, Bekal Kavitha Kripalani, Melba Lisa Dísouza

Dr. Sahana Purushotham,
Assistant Professor, Department of Periodontics, A.J. Institute of Dental Sciences,
NH-66, Kuntikana, Mangalore- 575004, Karnataka, India.

Numerous studies have shown that placement of implants in the maxillary region with resultant successful osseointegration can be achieved by the use of sinus lift procedures using piezosurgical technique. In this case report a middle aged patient had come to the outpatient department of A. J. Institute of Dental Sciences with a chief complaint of missing right posterior molar. Since the radiographic ball marker showed only 4 mm bone below the sinus in #16 region, direct sinus lift procedure was done for placement of a dental implant. Piezosurgery was performed, as it reduces the risk of damaging vital soft tissues such as nerves, dura matter and blood vessels. To stabilize the implant in the maxillary sinus region and also to stimulate bone regeneration, gamma irradiated cancellous allograft was used. Periapical radiographs were taken 10 months after implant placement which showed good bone growth over the implant collar. Bone formation in the maxillary antrum was seen clearly in the panoramic radiograph. Using piezosurgical unit, sinus lift procedure with sinus grafting proved to be less traumatic and more successful.