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Case report
Table of Contents - Year : 2016 | Month : January | Volume : 10 | Issue : 1 | Page : ZD01 - ZD02

Non Infiltrating Angiolipoma of the Palate in Geriatric Patient: A Case Report with Review of Literature ZD01-ZD02

Deepak Chandrasekaran, Ravindran Chinnaswami, Malathi Narasimhan, Annie Evangelin Nithia Kumar, Parthasarathy Natarajan

Dr. Deepak Chandrasekaran,
1/306,Saraswathy Street, Sri Ranga Nagar, Baai Kahadai, Moulivakkam, Chennai-125, India.

Angiolipoma is one of the rare variant of lipoma. This benign tumour consists of both fatty and vascular elements. It mostly occur in the trunk and extremities and is uncommon in head and neck region. Angiolipoma is classified as infiltrating and non- infiltrating types. Among all neoplasms of the oral cavity, lipomas account for 1 to 5% and the incidence of angiolipoma is 5 to 17% in it. There is no sex predilection for this tumour. It is classified as infiltrative and non-infiltrative type. Surgical excision is the method to be considered for both the types of angiolipoma, however the infiltrating type recurs post-surgery. We report a rare case report of 55-year-old female with non-infiltrating angiolipoma of the hard palate mimicking a mucocele treated by surgical excision with no signs of recurrence and good wound healing after three months follow up with minimal scar formation.