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Case report
Table of Contents
2010 | Month : April | Volume : 4 | Issue : 2 | Page : 2300 - 2307

A Large Mixed Radiolucent-Radiopaque Lesion In The Mandible- A Nobel Diagnostic Approach    

Dr. Sanjay Rastogi,House no.Z-22, Ashiyana Phase II; Moradabad (UP)-44001 (India)

Ameloblastoma is a true neoplasm of the enamel organ type tissue which does not undergo differentiation to the point of enamel formation. The term unicystic is derived from the macroscopic and microscopic appearance of the lesion. It is a well-defined, often large monocytic cavity with a lining focally, but rarely entirely composed of odontogenic (ameloblastomatous) epithelium. Predominant radiographical patterns for Unicystic Ameloblastoma are unilocular, scalloped, macromultilocular, pericoronal, interradicular, or periapical expansile radiolucencies. Some investigators believe that Unicystic Ameloblastoma arises from preexisting odontogenic cysts, in particular, from the dentigerous cyst, while others arise de novo. Immunohistochemical markers like lectins (Ulex europaeus agglutinin I and Bandeirea simplicifolia agglutinin I) and proliferating cells (proliferating cell nuclear antigen and Ki-67) may assist in their differential diagnosis. Hence, in our case report, we have tried to discuss in detail about the clinical, radiographical and histopathological features with differential diagnosis. The immunohistochemical importance has also been discussed.

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