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Important Notice

Neonatal Database Download Centre
You may wish to temporarily bookmark this page so that you may return while still downloading files without having to fill in the questionnaire each time. Return To Neonatal Database Home

Video User Guides

Version 20101207
These files are for a new installation of Neonatal Database and will not upgrade an old existing database automatically. It is possible to manually copy data from an old database but be careful not to overwrite the existing data in the process. MSDE / SQL2000 is no longer supported and the minimum version is SQL2005 with MSAccess2003.

Download this Installation Guide to assist you in the steps below.

Step 1. Obtain the use of an existing MSSQL Server (2005 or higher) being used in your health service - this is the best solution if the database will be used over a Wide Area Network.
Install the free and legal SQL Server express which will function either standalone or for a small networked database. In some later versions of Windows SQL Server Express may already be included or you can download the software directly from the microsoft website - you need both the database and the tools (most desktop PCs will need the 32 bit version)
You may wish to install a download manager to avoid the aggravation of disconnection while downloading large files - Free Download Manager (Lite) (1.9 Meg).

Step 2. Restore the Neonatal Database Backend onto the SQL Server as the 'Neonatal' database Download Neonatal (5 Meg) New Installations only - Do not use this to upgrade existing database.

Step 3. Connect the Neonatal Database Frontend (MSAccess project file - requires Access2003 or higher) to the Neonatal Database on the SQL Server. In a multi PC environment you also need to create a distribution system for the frontend. Download Neonatal (5 Meg)

Step 4. Local Configuration of security, users, lookup data and network locations

Advanced Software Configurations.
In Sydney we have been running this database inside the NSWHealth Intranet since 2007 and have configured it as below. Some of this can be done using free software from Microsoft but we have not included any specific instructions or code. We are how ever happy to give advice if anyone wishes to head down this path

- Single SQL2005 server + Mirror Server with automated failover : 15 hospitals (10 NICU, 5 SCN)

- WebServer (both IIS WebServer and Visual Studio Web editing software have free version)
. . Information and interactive reporting
. . Simplified clinical web interface used on wireless handheld devices

- ReportServer (both ReportServer and Business Development Studio addon for VS have free version)
. . Sophisticated interactive reports embedded into the website
. . Automated reports that are emailed (user subscribable) - requires MailServer

- Automatic Importation of Data from hospital systems (Demographics, OBS data, Lab Results, BSL Machine)
. . Ascii text file parsing
. . HL7 Messaging
. . Direct SQL insertion

- Integrated data driven email and sms functions - also requires SMSServer

Word of Encouragement
Although all of this may seem totally impossible when you first look at it, I would like to encourage you to persist. I have had no formal IT training and came across a PC for the first time as a registrar in the UK in 1990 where I played with my first database (Inside SPSS for DOS). Like many Neonatologists I had created small DBs in MSAccess and from there the leap to moving the data into a SQL Server Backend is not so different.

After much planning and data restructuring by the NICUS group we had our new Date-Time methodology commence on 2007. The advantages have gradually become realised as we are now able to retrospectively relate any of our data temporally (e.g. surfactant during CPAP or Sepsis during Central Lines). I would strongly encourage that everyone move toward collecting Date-Timed patient centred records no matter what software platform you use.

best of luck with your data!!!

Ian Callander

p.s. Remember that a computer holds no malice toward you and hitting it will not change its mind but it does make you feel better!


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