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Important Notice

Retraction Policy  


1. Re-traction of the publication :

The publication of the article shall always be subject to the right of the journal to re-tract and removed the article from its website / portal if it is found at any time that :

  • The subject matter has been infringing the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR, including copyright) respecting same, similar or identical subject matter belonging to the third party whether published or not.
  • The subject matter has been published earlier by any means or in any form whatsoever
  • The subject matter and its publication tantamount to ethical misconduct.
  • The publication of the subject matter is against public policy and against the provisions of any law of the land in force in the time being.

2. Procedure governing re-traction:

  • On receiving a complaint or information from any source whatsoever, whenever it came to the notice that the subject matter published in the journal is similar or identical respecting same subject matter, which is authored by some other person, entity or institution prior to the date on which the author has submitted the subject article for publication in our journal, an explanation shall be called affording reasonable opportunity and to respond in writing to the issue raised respecting the subject matter.
  • The author shall on receiving the notice to explain, submit his/her explanation within in the period stipulated in the notice.
  • On receiving the explanation the editor may within his/her discretion, and if deemed necessary and expedient, refer the issue in dispute to any expert of the field with request to give his/her report containing opinion on the merits of the subject matter.
  • Based upon the complaint, explanation of the author, report/opinion of the expert and considering any other material relevant, the editor of the journal shall, after due application of mind, pass a final speaking order rejecting either the complaint or allowing the complaint backed by reasons. In the event it is decided by the reader to allow the complaint he/she shall issue a show cause notice to the author calling upon him/her as to why the publication may not retracted and removed from the website the journal.
  • The author shall within clear 10 days of the receipt of the afore-stated notice, may if so desire submit his/her explanation, following which a reader shall pass an order in terms with the reference of the show cause notice. In the event the editor of the journal passed an order directing removal of the article, the author shall not be entitled for any refund of the charges earlier remitted by him at the time of provisional acceptance of the publication.
  • Decision of the Chief Editor and senior editors will be final.
  • In the event, the author is not satisfied and aggrieved by the final order of removal of article from the website of the publication, the author may request the editor within 14 days of the receipt of the removal of the article from the publication to refer the issue in dispute to the arbitrator. The publisher, within a further period of 15 days on receipt of such request shall refer issue in dispute to the arbitrator.

Last Updated : 1 Jan 2017
First Published : 1 Jan 2017

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