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Oncology Section DOI : 10.7860/JCDR/2020/42423.13432
Year : 2020 | Month : Jan | Volume : 14 | Issue : 01 Full Version Page : XD03 - XD04

Pranic Healing as a Complimentary Therapy in Stage-4 Metastatic Cancer-A Case Study

Anuradha Nittur1, Raghavan Ganapathi2

1 Independent Researcher, Associate Certified Pranic Healer, (Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of Karnataka and Institute of Inner Studies, Manilla), Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
2 Senior Instructor, Yoga Vidya Panic Healing Foundation of Maharashtra, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

E-mail: anuradha2nittur@gmail.com

The case report has been presented to demonstrate the positive response to Pranic Healing intervention by subjects suffering from cancer. Pranic Healing, a no touch, no drug, energy based system of complimentary healing was introduced on a 63-year-old female patient of carcinoma breast with brain metastasis, along with other forms of therapy. The patient was also advised to follow the Meditation on Twin Hearts© during the healing sessions. Pranic Healing was introduced around a month after diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. Six weeks of Pranic Healing treatment helped reduce the size and spread of the cancer dramatically.

The case report provides a promising example of Pranic Healing intervention in preventing spread of metastatic cancer and possibly complete healing from cancer. Further large scale studies are recommended.


Case Report

This case report pertains to a 63-year-old patient who was diagnosed with carcinoma breast with brain metastasis. Carcinoma had spread to the lungs and liver too.

She had been complaining of numbness and tingling over left half of the face and dysphonia. The medical history showed that she had been diagnosed and surgically treated for carcinoma of right breast 24 years back. The patient had also developed a comorbid condition of Diabetes mellitus during this time (at the time of diagnosis of cancer of left breast).

Presently, the PET CT scan showed left breast mass, multiple metastasis in lung, liver, brain and lymph nodes. Physiological tracer intake was seen in other areas too. MRI also showed multiple brain metastases. Biopsy of the breast mass confirmed adenocarcinoma.

The patient had been complaining of extensive cough throughout the day and night. Her appetite had been affected and her food intake had drastically reduced. There was fatigue, melancholy and difficulty in speech, pain in the throat, stomach and head areas. After a month of standardised medical care in the form of chemotherapy and radiation, Pranic Healing, a no touch, no drug, energy based system of complimentary healing was also introduced on the patient. Gradually, there was improvement in all aspects. Within a month of Pranic Healing therapy, the patient recovered completely from the cough. She felt much happier and at peace. Her appetite improved to some extent and she felt physically and emotionally stronger. There was clarity in speech too.

Six experienced and skilled healers used their sensitive fingers and laser crystals for healing the aura, organs and chakras (energy centres) of the patient in sessions of 60-90 minutes each. Diseased energy was removed from the patient’s chakras, organs and meridians and disintegrated into a bowl of salt water. Fresh revitalizing prana or energy was infused into the body of the patient through energizing the chakras and affected organs. The patient was aware and receptive to the healings. She listened to the Meditation on Twin Hearts© everyday, either during the healing or any other time of the day. She kept her feet in salt water and tongue connected to the palette during the procedure of distant Pranic Healing. The patient was receptive and cooperative. Through the course of the healings, the aura, organs and chakras of the patient grew more active, clean and balanced. The Pranic Healers worked on the affected organs, i.e., the left breast, lungs, liver and brain, other than building the strength and immunity of the entire body. Pranic Healing protocols for breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer and brain cancer were used. Divine and Instructive Healing protocols were also followed. Pranic psychotherapy helped induce a sense of peace, calm and determination in the subject.

The scan reports after six weeks of Pranic Healing complimentary therapy showed extraordinary results. As per the reports, “there was dramatic reduction in metabolic activity and size of previously noted metastatic breast cancer involving the lymph nodes, lungs, brain and the liver.” The interpretation from the investigations stated, “When compared with the previous study, there has been an excellent partial response to chemotherapy at all the sites of the previously noted disease. There were no new sites of tracer with disease identified” [Table/Fig-1].

TFDG-PET/CT oncology imaging before and after pranic healing.

Organ affectedBefore Pranic Healing (02-02-2019)After Pranic Healing (14-05-2019)
Size (cm)SUVSize (cm)SUV
Breast (auxillary node)4.5×2.5151.55.5
Liver (lesion)Big12.9Very small2.7
Lungs (nodule)1.5×1.21212.2
Brain (lesions)Multiple, MarkedNearly resolved

After recovery from carcinoma (post whole brain radiotherapy and chemotherapy), patient is currently on 3 weekly maintenance dose of Trastuzumab. Patients glycemic levels also normalised after 6 weeks of Pranic Healing and she felt more energetic than before.


Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art of healing which utilises prana, or ki or vital energy to heal the whole body. Healers believe that man’s whole physical body is composed of two parts: the visible physical body and the invisible energy body or bioplasmic body, interpenetrating the visible physical body and extending beyond it by 4 to 5 inches. The energy body contains the major, minor and mini chakras. Major chakras are whirling energy centres, control and energise the major and vital organs of the physical body. It is by cleansing or removing the diseased bioplasmic matter from the affected chakra (energy centre) and the diseased organ and energising them with sufficient prana or vital energy that healing is accomplished [1]. Colour prana is used for advanced healing techniques [2] which are more potent and effective in disintegrating diseased energy. Working on the ajna chakra and instructing it to normalise and harmonise all the chakras and internal organs is an important step in the Pranic Healing therapy for cancer.

Pranic Healing also helps reduce stress, trauma and anxiety that a patient would be prone to undergo in serious conditions [3]. The no touch, no drug energy-based intervention, in person and distance healing has been known to help in various simple and complex conditions, including palliative care in cancer [4], CoPD, Diabetes stress, depression, insomnia and many other common and [5] rare clinical conditions. It is also being used by neurosurgeons to complement orthodox medicine and accelerate the rate of healing [6]. In conditions like metastasised carcinoma, where conventional medicine has its limitations, alternate and complimentary therapies like ayurveda, Reiki and Pranic healing can play a vital role.

Meditation on Twin Hearts© is a powerful meditation, given by Master Choa Kok Sui, founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. This meditation produces a deep sense of inner peace, harmony, love and inner joy in the meditator. The Meditation on Twin Hearts© has a calming effect on the emotions of the meditator and increases the size of the major chakras and auras, thus making the energy body stronger and more dynamic [7]. It has physiological and psychological benefits and enhances the body’s process of self-recovery [8,9].

The current report augments the findings of the study undertaken by Tsuchiya K, who concluded that Pranic Healing helped increase the patient’s energy levels, balance the upper and lower chakras (energy centres), induce a sense of calmness, increase the flow of prana in the affected breast, and increase in overall immunity of the patient’s body [10].

Pranic Healing is being recognised as a form of mind-body therapy, which is increasingly being considered important for recovery from conditions like cancer [11]. Within six weeks of the Pranic Healing therapy, the patient showed dramatic reduction in metabolic activity and size of previously noted metastatic cancer sites. Pranic Healing along with standardised medical care helped her recover rapidly and safely from a potentially critical condition. Other than Pranic Healing, Reiki, another modality that utilises energy to heal the body is also emerging as a popular complementary and alternative medicine in alleviating the discomfort and side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients [12].


The case provides evidence in support of the positive role of Pranic healing as a complimentary therapy in treating cancer patients. The authors have similar results attained from many other patients also. However, since the case files were not completely documented, these could not be presented here. It is important to conduct further clinical trials of Pranic Healing in cancer cases which would help establish the beneficial role of Pranic Healing as an adjunctive therapy in treating cancer.


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