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Case report
Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : May | Volume : 11 | Issue : 5 | Page : ED26 - ED28

Cystic Sertoli-Leydig Cell Tumour in a Postmenopausal Woman with Absent Virilising Symptoms: A Diagnostic Challenge ED26-ED28

Vidya Monappa, Saritha M Reddy, Ranjini Kudva, Muralidhar V Pai

Dr. Vidya Monappa,
Department of Pathology, Basic Science Block, KMC, Manipal, Karnataka, India.

A 60-year-old postmenopausal woman, presented with a left ovarian cystic mass with mildly elevated CA125 levels. An intraoperative frozen section showed oedematous ovarian stroma with interspersed large aggregates of spindle shaped stromal cells. Subsequently, the excised specimen was reported as Sertoli-Leydig Cell Tumour (SLCT) of intermediate differentiation. The leydig cells were identified in the imprint smears, but were misinterpreted as luteinized cells. The lack of tubular differentiated cells in frozen section had contributed to the misdiagnosis. Immunohistochemistry (IHC) played an important diagnostic role in the absence of clinical suspicion and lack of virilising features that are classically described in association with SLCTs. This case is unusual, as the tumour was seen in a postmenopausal woman in the absence of virilising symptoms. The cytomorphological features, IHC findings and the reasons for misdiagnosis are discussed in this case report.